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Supplier Paid Invoice History Report

You can submit the Supplier Paid Invoice History Report by supplier or supplier type to review payment history, discounts taken, and frequency of partial payments.

The report lists supplier payments alphabetically by supplier and site. Payables separates invoice amounts paid in foreign currencies from invoice amounts paid in your functional currency by printing a subtotal of the paid invoices by currency.

Report Submission

You submit this report from the Submit Request window. See: Submitting Standard Reports, Programs, and Listings.

Selected Report Parameters

Summarize Invoices by Site? Enter Yes to summarize all paid or partially paid invoices by supplier site.

Minimum Invoice Amount. The minimum invoice amount you want to include in the report.

Invoice Order.

Selected Report Headings

Amount Paid. The amount of an invoice that you have paid.

Discount Taken. Total amount of discount you have taken on the invoice.

Amount Remaining. Amount you have remaining to pay on an invoice.

Description. Invoice description.

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