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You can set up your customers with as much or as little information as you want according to your business needs. Customer information can consist of only a name, number, address, and business purpose, but you can enter more detailed information such as profile classes, bank accounts, payment methods, and addresses.

Customers Flow


Flexible Addresses

Address Validation

Customer Merge

Customer Import

Function Security


Entering Customers

Entering Customer Addresses

Assigning Business Purposes to an Address

Creating Customer Relationships

Defining Customer Profile Classes

Assigning Profile Classes to Customers

Setting Up Flexible Addresses

Merging Customers

Merging Sites For The Same Customer

Merging Different Customers

Submitting the Merge Process

Customer Merge Execution Report

Reviewing Merged Customers

Importing Customer Information

Entering Customers in Oracle Sales and Marketing

Entering Customers in Oracle Training

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