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New Features in Oracle Inventory Release 11

New features in this release are as follows:

New Features


We have added Kanbans, sourced from either an external supplier or another organization. See: Overview of Kanban Replenishment.

Serialized Cycle Counting

We made major changes to our cycle counting functionality, adding the capability of cycle counting for serial-controlled items and the ability to perform adjustments so long as serial number uniqueness is not violated. See: Serialized Cycle Counting.

Project Manufacturing Support

We now support several new Project Manufacturing features. See: Organization Parameters Window.

Improved Features

Available to Promise

We added functionality to the ATP windows to support new supply chain planning and resource availability. See: Viewing ATP Results, Available to Promise, and Capable to Promise.

New and Improved Windows

Four new windows have been added to Oracle Inventory as of Release 11.

The following existing windows have been improved in Release 11.

New and Improved Reports

To support kanbans, we added the Print Kanban Cards report. See: Printing Kanban Cards.

To support serialized cycle counting, we modified the following reports by adding a Display Serial Numbers parameter and Serial Numbers column.

We reorganized the Reorder Point Report, adding new report parameters and sorting options.

To support multiple reporting currencies (MRC), we added Currency and Exchange Rate to the parameters in the Material Account Distribution Detail Report. See: Material Account Distribution Detail.

New and Improved Processes

To support kanbans, we added the Generate Kanban Cards process, which automatically generates kanban cards in batch mode from sourcing information in the pull sequences. See: Overview of Kanban Replenishment.

Profile Option Changes

Oracle Inventory includes the following new profile options for Release 11. See: Oracle Inventory Profile Options.

INV:Project Miscellaneous Transaction Expenditure Type Governs the entry of expenditure types for project miscellaneous transactions. You can either permit manual entry of expenditure types, or you can let the Cost Collector use the expenditure types linked to the cost elements of the current weighted average unit cost of the item to post to Projects.
INV:Capable to Promise Governs the calculation of Capable to Promise and Product Family Available to Promise. You can enable Standard ATP, Product Family ATP, or Product Family ATP plus Capable to Promise calculations.
INV:Product Family Item Template Name Selects the default Product Family Item Template.

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