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Entering Cycle Counts

You can use the same window to enter counts of items requested via automatic or manual cycle count scheduling. If unscheduled count entries are allowed for your cycle counts, you can enter those also.

Oracle Inventory automatically queries up all count requests for which you have not yet entered a count. You can use flexible search criteria to specify the group of count requests for which you want counts entered to speed up the count entry process. For example, you can specify a range of count request sequences assigned to one person so they can be entered in the same order they were printed on the count sheet.

   To select the cycle count to use:

   To enter scheduled counts:

   To enter unscheduled counts:

Attention: You may receive a warning message stating, "Zero count, no adjustment performed." You can and should enter the quantity for reporting purposes, but no adjustment to on-hand quantity is performed. To make the adjustment enter an unscheduled count using either this window or the Count Adjustment Approvals Summary window. See: Count Requests for Items with Zero Count.

   To enter serial number detail information:

   To enter optional count reference information:

   To view current item adjustment information:

Entering Preapproved Counts

   To enter preapproved counts:

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