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Setting Up a Contract Project

A contract project is the primary billing unit at which you specify the following information:

For contract projects, you define additional information for revenue accrual and billing based on requirements of your project, your company, and your customer. For example, you can enter billing terms, bill rates and billing titles, status, and credit receivers for contract projects only.

Attention: If you enter funding for a project at the top task level, you must define the invoice formats (for labor, non-labor, and retention) for the project at the top task level or below. You define your invoice formats in the Revenue and Billing Information window. If you do not define invoice formats at the proper level, an invoice will not be generated for your project. If you enter funding for a project at the project level, you can define invoice formats at any level.

Figure 1 - 33 illustrates the flow for entering a contract project.

   To enter a contract project:

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