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Project Template Design Considerations

Before you define project templates for your company, consider the following ideas.

Suggestion: Oracle Projects allows you to change a project's project type, as long as the new type belongs to the project class assigned to the project (See: Changing the Project Type of a Project.) However, you may find it most efficient to create a project template for each project type that your company uses, so that you can set up the appropriate parameters for each project type in each template.

Note: Project templates are always numbered manually. The Project Numbering implementation option, which determines whether projects are numbered automatically or manually, does not affect numbering of project templates.

Suggestion: If your company does not want to use predefined templates, you can set up one template for each project type that everyone can use. You should enable all project and task options that are appropriate to the project type for this skeleton template. Do not define default values, other than the minimum required fields. See: Specifying Project and Task Options for a Template.

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