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Determining if an Item is Chargeable

Whenever you try to charge a transaction to a project, Oracle Projects checks all levels of chargeability control to determine if the an item can be charged to your project. This occurs when you enter an online or pre-approved expenditure item, copy a pre-approved timecard item, and transfer one or more items to a new project and/or task in Oracle Projects; when you enter a project-related requisition or purchase order distribution in Oracle Purchasing; and when you enter a project-related invoice distribution in Oracle Payables. The check is performed when you save the record.

Chargeability controls

The transaction validation checks are performed using the following tests ("chargeability controls"):

If the expenditure item passes the first three chargeability controls, then Oracle Projects checks the transaction controls.

The system first looks for an applicable task level transaction control. If it does not find applicable task level controls, it looks for project level controls. If the item matches an applicable transaction control at the task level, project level controls are not checked. The task level controls override the project level controls.

Applicable transaction controls are all of the transaction control records that apply to an expenditure item based on the employee, expenditure category, expenditure type, non-labor resource, and dates.

Oracle Projects follows the steps detailed in when determining the chargeable status of an expenditure item.

The flow is first followed when checking task level transaction controls and is then repeated for project level transaction controls, if needed.

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