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Create Your Appraisal Questionnaire Pages

We suggest that you first identify the text headings and questions that you want to appear on the questionnaire. You can sketch them out on some paper, playing around with the positions and formats before you enter them into the application. You can also identify how you want to record the answers. For example, do you want to record the answers as text or as ticks in checkboxes?

Example Appraisal Questionnaire Page

Figure 1 - 36 provides an example appraisal questionnaire showing text headings, questions and areas in which you might want to record answers.


Once you identify how you want the text, questions and answer areas specified, you are ready to create your appraisal questionnaire page.

For example, if you want the heading text Overall Assessment, Areas for Development and Improvement, Strengths and Improvement Areas and Development Actions Resulting From Performance Review to appear on a questionnaire, you identify them as categories.

Notice that the text Strengths and Improvement Areas and Development Actions Resulting From Performance Review are minor headings under Areas for Development and Improvement. Although the four pieces of text are all headings (categories), you can treat these smaller, minor headings as sub-categories in Oracle Human Resources. Any category can act as a parent for child categories, which means that you can create headings with several levels.

The example below shows how categories and sub-categories (minor headings) are entered in the application to create the questions page illustrated in Figure 1 - 36.


Questionnaire General Appraisal    
First Category Overall Assessment    
Second Category Areas for Development and Improvement    
    First Sub-Category: Strengths and Improvement Areas
    Second Sub-Category: Development Actions Resulting from Performance Review

You can also enter helpful text alongside the category or sub-category, if you want. For example, you might want the text '(Within next six months) to appear alongside the category Areas for Development and Improvement. This type of text is known as a sub-heading.

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