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Appraisal Templates and Questionnaire Pages

Oracle provides you with a Web-based interface for performing appraisals, and with a number of example appraisal templates that you can modify. We also provide you with an easy to use method of designing and formatting your own questionnaire pages for the appraisal. You can identify the questions to use in the appraisal, and the number, size and type of boxes in which to record the answers. You can create as many different appraisal questionnaire pages as your enterprise requires.

You can create new pages directly or by copying questions from existing pages. For example, if you created an appraisal questionnaire page for junior grades within your group, you can copy these to a questionnaire for more senior grades, and just add the extra questions. This saves you time, and ensures that you don't make mistakes.

Appraisal Template

You'll also want to create your enterprise's appraisal templates. You use the template to:

You can use one of the example appraisal templates we provide and modify them to suit your own needs, or you can create your own.

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