Oracle9i OLAP Services Developer's Guide to the OLAP DML
Release 1 (9.0.1)

Part Number A86720-01
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1 Basic Concepts

What Is the OLAP DML?
Using the OLAP DML
How Do I Use the OLAP DML to Analyze Data?
Where Do I Go From Here?

2 Defining and Working with Analytic Workspaces

Defining an Analytic Workspace
How to Gain Access to an Analytic Workspace
Gaining Access to a Workspace from OLAP Worksheet
Gaining Access to a Workspace from a Java Application
Using the OLAP DML to Work with Analytic Workspaces
Saving Analytic Workspace Changes
Minimizing Analytic Workspace Growth
Sharing Analytic Workspaces
Working with AUTOGO Programs
Adding Security to an Analytic Workspace
Obtaining Analytic Workspace Information

3 Defining Data Objects

Overview: Defining OLAP DML objects
Defining Dimensions
Defining Relations
Defining Variables
Defining Variables That Handle Sparse Data Efficiently
Defining Hierarchical Dimensions and Variables That Use Them
Defining Metadata
Changing the Definition of an Object

4 Working with Expressions

OLAP DML Data Types
Using OLAP DML Objects in Expressions
OLAP DML Operators
Introducing Expressions
Expressions and Dimensionality
Specifying a Single Value for the Dimension of an Expression
Using Functions in Expressions
Numeric Expressions
Text Expressions
Boolean Expressions
Conditional Expressions
Substitution Expressions
Working with NA Values

5 Populating OLAP DML Data Objects

Overview: Populating an Analytic Workspace
Maintaining Dimensions and Composites
Assigning Values to Data Objects
Calculating and Analyzing Data
Aggregating Data

6 Limiting an Application's View of the Data

Introducing Dimension Status
Limiting Using a Simple List of Values
Limiting Using a Boolean Expression
Limiting to the Top or Bottom Values of a Sorted Dimension
Limiting to the Values of a Related Dimension
Limiting Based on the Position of a Value in a Dimension
Limiting Based on a Relationship Within a Hierarchy
Limiting Composites and Conjoint Dimensions
Working with Null Status
Working with Valuesets

7 Working with Models

Using Models to Calculate Data
Creating a Nested Hierarchy of Models
Basic Modeling Commands
Compiling a Model
Running a Model
Debugging a Model
Modeling for Multiple Scenarios

8 Designing Programs

Introduction to OLAP DML Programs
Invoking Programs
Defining and Editing Programs
Using Variables in Programs
Passing Arguments
Writing User-Defined Functions
Controlling the Flow of Execution
Directing Output
Preserving the Session Environment
Handling Errors
Compiling Programs
Testing Programs

9 Debugging Programs

Overview: Debugging in OLAP DML
Debugging with a Debugging File
Debugging with OLAP Worksheet
OLAP DML Debugger Commands
Working with watch points

10 Using Embedded SQL

Using Relational Data
Obtaining Access to the Relational Database
Supported SQL Commands
Checking for Errors
Fetching Data into an Analytic Workspace
Declaring a Cursor
Opening a Cursor
Fetching the Selected Data
Closing a Cursor
Using Dimensions as Output Host Variables
Writing OLAP DML Data to a Relational Table
Matching Oracle9i Data Types
Using the Special Features of an OCI Connection
Example: SQL Program

11 Reading Data from Files

Introducing Data-Reading Programs
Reading Files
Specifying File Names in the OLAP DML
Reading Data from Files
Reading and Maintaining Dimension Values
Processing Input Data
Processing Records Individually
Processing Several Values for One Variable

12 Writing Reports

Introducing the Reporting Commands
Creating Report Rows
Creating Report Columns
Retrieving Data for Rows
Controlling the Default Format of Report Output
Modifying the Layout of Columns
Creating Headings
Performing Calculations in a Report
Creating Paginated Reports
Creating Headings on Each Page
Guidelines for Writing a Report Program

A Creating and Using Analytic Workspace Metadata

What is Analytic Workspace Metadata?
Analytic Workspace Metadata Prerequisites
Metadata That Describes Dimension Hierarchies
Metadata That Describes Dimension Hierarchy Levels
Metadata That Describes Dimension Attributes
Metadata That Describes Other Objects



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