Oracle eMail Server Installation Guide
Release 5.2

Part Number A86742-01


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1 Preinstallation

Installation Overview
Installation Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Memory Requirements
Disk Space Requirements
Preinstallation Tasks
Task 1: Shutting Down and Backing Up Existing Database and Log Files
Task 2: Configuring the Oracle8i Database Server
Task 3: Verifying that the NLS_LANG Parameter is Configured Correctly
Task 4: Starting the Processes Necessary for Installation
Task 5: Configuring Net8 and Check the LISTENER.ORA and TNSNAMES.ORA Files
Task 6: Configuring the INIT.ORA, LISTENER.ORA, and TNSNAMES.ORA Files
Task 7: Including oratnsapi8.dll in the System Path
Task 8: Configuring Oracle Internet File System and Oracle eMail Server to Run on the Same Machine (Optional)

2 Installing and Configuring eMail Server

Installing Oracle eMail Server
Task 1: Running Oracle Universal Installer
Task 2: Entering File Locations
Task 3: Selecting Available Products
Task 4: Verifying Installation Settings
Task 5: Completing the Installation
Configuring Oracle eMail Server
Task 1: Starting the Configuration Assistant
Task 2: Selecting the Configuration Type
Task 3: Creating a New Node
Task 4: Upgrading an Existing eMail Server Node
Task 5: Adding Components to an Existing Node
Task 6: Configuring a Protocol Server
Task 7: Running Utilities
Task 8: Enabling the IMAP4 and POP3 Servers
Task 9: Enabling the SMTP Gateway
Task 10: Enabling LDAP
Task 11: Completing the Configuration

3 Postinstallation

Postinstallation Tasks
Task 1: Verifying the Network Services Setup
Task 2: Starting the Oracle eMail Server Service
Task 3: Registering the SMTP Gateway with Sendmail
Task 4: Setting up ESPrefs
Task 5: Setting Up the ESPrefs Server
Task 6: Migrating Directory Data to an LDAP Directory
Task 7: Configuring eMail Server Thin Client
Task 8: Configuring Protocol Servers
Task 9: Loading Shipped Statistics File for the Cost Based Optimization (Optional)
Task 10: Configure Oracle Enterprise Manager E-mail Capacity Monitoring Pack (Optional)

4 Deinstallation

Deinstalling Database Objects
Deinstalling Software

5 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the Installation
Common Errors
Contacting Oracle Support Services

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