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Oracle Collaboration Suite User's Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10032-01
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Oracle Calendar

With Oracle Calendar, users can keep track of their schedules wherever they are. Offering all the benefits of Oracle Collaboration Suite and unbreakable software infrastructure, in addition to full integration with Microsoft Outlook, Oracle Calendar provides an end-to-end time management solution that addresses the group sheduling needs of any organization.

This chapter describes a number of general features and benefits offered by Oracle Calendar, plus a description of the various software components for client access to information.

Oracle Calendar Features

Personal Time Management

Users can organize appointments, tasks, and holidays in one intuitive, easy-to-use application.

Group and Resource Scheduling

Users can invite each other to meetings and events, and can easily book company resources, such as conference rooms or equipment.

Real-Time Scheduling

Oracle Calendar is built to eliminate time lags inherent in message-based calendaring systems. All users access the central database stored on the calendar server in real time, viewing only the most up-to-date information.

Access Rights

Users can control other users' access to their schedules, according to a range of fully configurable access levels.

Designate Rights

Users can assign to others the right to create, modify, and reply to calendar events on their behalf.

Multi-Platform Support

With true interoperability between clients on Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms, Oracle Calendar helps all users in your organization collaborate, regardless of their platform of choice.

Configurable Alert Services

Oracle Calendar offers reminders of upcoming meetings, as well as notifications of newly created, modified, and deleted meetings, through e-mail and wireless and voice clients.

Oracle Calendar Client Components

Oracle Calendar Web Client

The Oracle Calendar Web client offers users a convenient, accessible calendaring service that can be used either on its own or as a complement to any of the other Oracle Calendar client components. Users can work across time zones, operating systems, and languages with an interface that adapts to the needs of your organization through a fully customizable look and feel. With a flexible, intuitive layout and organization, users can collaborate easily with the people around them.

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Oracle Outlook Connector

Oracle Outlook Connector provides e-mail and real-time calendaring through the familiar, integrated interface of Microsoft Outlook. With access to information both online and offline, full-fetaured mail functionality, and PDA synchronization, Oracle Outlook Connector takes advantage of all of Microsoft Outlook's most popular features. In addition, users benefit from enhanced calendaring capabilities through real-time access to information and up-to-date free/busy time lookups with Oracle Calendar.

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Oracle CorporateTime

With the Oracle Calendar client, users can create and manage meetings, daily notes, day events, and tasks, either on their own behalf or as designates for other users. They can easily compare schedules or verify other users' availability using a convenient combined Group View, and check scheduling conflicts before creating meetings. With an online Address Book, users can keep track of their contacts and classify them according to configurable categories. Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Motif.

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Oracle CorporateSync

Synchronize your Oracle Calendar meetings, tasks, and address book with the entries on your handheld device. With Oracle CorporateSync, you can take your calendar everywhere you go, make any changes you want on your device, then synchronize with the latest information on the Oracle Calendar server. Available for Palm (Windows and Macintosh) and Pocket PC devices (Windows only).

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