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Oracle Collaboration Suite User's Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10032-01
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Oracle Ultra Search

Oracle Ultra Search is a high-level search component supplied with the Oracle Collaboration Suite that you can use to search across other Oracle Collaboration Suite components, corporate Web servers, databases, mail servers, file servers, and Oracle9iAS Portal instances. It uses information you provide to crawl through the various disparate repositories of information in your company searching for documents according to your search criteria. Oracle Ultra Search searches over 150 proprietary document types.

For example, suppose you need to locate and delete all documents, mail messages, database entries, and other pieces of information that contain a reference to the company Enworld. With Oracle Ultra Search, you can find Enworld in all components of the Oracle Collaboration Suite, and also outside. The Oracle Ultra Search "crawler" finds and indexes all documents, mail messages, and files that contain "Enworld" either in the body text e-mail messages or in a document.

This chapter contains the following topic:

Oracle Ultra Search Features