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Oracle Collaboration Suite User's Guide
Release 9.0.3

Part Number B10032-01
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Welcome to Oracle Collaboration Suite

This chapter introduces users to Oracle Collaboration Suite and contains the following topics:

What is Oracle Collaboration Suite?

The Oracle Collaboration Suite enables individuals and teams to communicate and work together using a set of integrated software that enhances the existing desktop and wireless clients deployed within various organizations.

By streamlining task flows through Oracle Collaboration Suite, users can access e-mail, voice mail, and personal calendars using a variety of interfaces, including computers, telephones, and wireless devices.

In addition, storing, sharing, searching, and collaborating on files is simplified through Oracle Collaboration Suite. The need to manage multiple copies of the same document disappears, decentralized file storage is no longer an obstacle, and the security of proprietary information is not compromised.

How is this Guide Organized?

This guide is organized according to the various components that comprise Oracle Collaboration Suite.

User information for Oracle Web Client, Oracle Voicemail & Fax, Oracle Collaboration Suite Search, and Oracle Wireless and Voice Access is contained in this guide, while information for Oracle Ultra Search ,Oracle Calendar, and Oracle Files is contained in either their respective user's guides or online help systems.