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Oracle® Application Server Web Cache Administrator's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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List of Tables

1-1 Compatibility with Other Oracle Application Server Components
2-1 Multiple-Version Object with Different Cookie Values
2-2 HTTP Request-Header Field
2-3 Summary of ESI Tags
6-1 Application Server Control Console Tabbed Pages for Managing OracleAS Web Cache
6-2 Grid Control Console Tabbed Pages for Managing Oracle Application Server
6-3 Commands of the opmnctl Utility
6-4 Parameters for the opmnctl Utility
6-5 OracleAS Web Cache Manager Status Messages
6-6 Common Administrative Tasks for OracleAS Web Cache
6-7 Commands of the Script
8-1 OracleAS Web Cache Default Settings
11-1 Settings for us.webche-host and jp.webche-host
11-2 Settings for webche1 and webche2
11-3 CLUSTERINFO Subelements
12-1 Regular Expression Examples
12-2 Example of Priority for Non-Cacheable and Cacheable URLs
12-3 Example of Priority for Different HTTP Methods
12-4 Default Caching Rules
12-5 Options for Rules with a Cache Policy of Cache
12-7 Control Directives for Surrogate-Control
13-1 INVALIDATION Elements and Attributes
13-2 INVALIDATIONRESULT Elements and Attributes
13-4 INVALIDATIONPREVIEWRESULT Elements and Attributes
14-1 OracleAS Web Cache Health Monitor: General Statistics
14-2 Requests Served by Origin Servers
14-3 Serving Requests/Second Now Statistics
14-4 OracleAS Web Cache Statistics: General Statistics
14-5 OracleAS Web Cache Statistics: Cache Overview
14-6 OracleAS Web Cache Statistics: Requests Served
14-7 OracleAS Web Cache Statistics: Errors Served
14-8 OracleAS Web Cache Statistics: Invalidations
14-9 Cluster Web Cache Statistics
14-10 Origin Server Statistics
14-11 Errors Served
14-12 Origin Server Backlog Statistics
15-1 Event Log Format
15-2 Event Log Format for Request Details
15-3 Verbosity Levels
15-4 Configuring Weekly, Daily and Hourly Rollover Policies
15-5 Control Directives for Server
15-6 Access Log Fields
15-7 Examples of HTTP/1.1 Header Fields
15-8 Supported Cookie-Related Header Fields
15-9 Supported OracleAS Web Cache Header Fields
15-10 Configuring Weekly, Daily and Hourly Rollover Policies
16-1 ESI Language Features
16-2 HTTP Request Variables Supported by ESI
A-1 OracleAS Web Cache Directory Structure
C-1 Invalidation Request DTD Elements and Attributes
C-2 Invalidation Response DTD Elements and Attributes
C-3 Invalidation Preview Request DTD Elements and Attributes
C-4 Invalidation Preview Response DTD Elements and Attributes
C-5 Statistics DTD
C-6 Groups of Statistics
C-7 Cache Information Groups
C-8 General Runtime Statistics Groups
C-9 Timed Runtime Statistics Groups
C-10 Site Information Groups
C-11 Origin Server Statistics Group
C-12 URL Statistics Group
C-13 Cache Reasons Group
D-1 Third-Party Application Web Server Default Listening Ports