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Oracle® Application Server Web Cache Administrator's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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What's New in OracleAS Web Cache?

Part I Getting Started with OracleAS Web Cache

1 Introduction to OracleAS Web Cache

2 Caching Concepts

3 Cache Clustering

4 OracleAS Web Cache Security

5 OracleAS Web Cache Topologies

6 Introduction to Administration Tools

7 Starting and Stopping OracleAS Web Cache

Part II Configuration and Administration of OracleAS Web Cache

8 Setup and Configuration

9 Configuring OracleAS Web Cache for HTTPS Requests

10 Configuring Cache Clusters

11 Configuring a Hierarchy of Caches

12 Creating Caching Rules

13 Sending Invalidation Requests

14 Monitoring Cache Trends with Statistics

15 Using Diagnostics Tools

Part III Reference

16 Edge Side Includes (ESI) Language Tags

17 Event Log Messages

A OracleAS Web Cache Directory Structure

B OracleAS Web Cache as a Standalone Product

C Invalidation and Statistics Document Type Definitions

D Caching with Third-Party Application Web Servers

E Troubleshooting OracleAS Web Cache