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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Upgrade Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1.1) for hp-ux PA-RISC (64-bit), Linux x86 and Solaris Operating Environment (SPARC)

Part Number B14490-03
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1 Overview of the Oracle Collaboration Suite Upgrade

2 Planning an Upgrade

3 Preparing to Upgrade

4 Upgrading the Oracle Application Server Infrastructure

5 Upgrading the Oracle Collaboration Suite Database

6 Upgrading the Oracle Collaboration Suite Middle Tier

7 Upgrading the Oracle9iAS Metadata Repository

8 Frequently Performed Tasks

9 Migrating the Oracle Ultra Search Index

10 Upgrading Oracle Application Server Portal

11 Upgrading Standalone Installations of Oracle Calendar

12 Oracle Content Services Upgrade

A Troubleshooting the Upgrade

B Upgrade Backup Matrix

C File References

D Upgrade and Compatability Error Messages