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Oracle® Application Server Upgrade and Compatibility Guide
10g ( for UNIX

Part Number B28188-01
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Part I Before You Begin

1 Overview of the Upgrade Process

2 Oracle Application Server Upgrade Concepts

3 Understanding Version Compatibility

4 Backup Strategies and System Availability During an Upgrade

Part II Performing the Upgrade

5 Upgrading 10g (9.0.4) Middle Tiers to 10g Release 2 (10.1.2)

6 Upgrading the Database That Hosts the OracleAS Metadata Repository

7 Using Oracle Universal Installer to Upgrade Oracle Identity Management

8 Using MRUA to Upgrade the OracleAS Metadata Repository

9 Component-Specific Post-Upgrade Procedures

10 Verifying the Upgrade and Decommissioning the Source Oracle Homes

Part III Appendices for Specialized Environments and Troubleshooting

A Performing an Oracle Identity Management Multimaster and Fan-Out Replication Upgrade

B Upgrading High Availability Configurations

C Using the Data Migration Method of Upgrading OracleAS Identity Management

D Reviewing the Upgrade Log Files

E OracleAS Metadata Repository Upgrade Error Messages

F Common Issues and Workarounds