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Calling Your Advisor Application from Another Siebel Application

A Need Advice button that links to an Advisor application is provided from Siebel Quotes, eSales Shopping Cart, and eSales Home Page. Click the Need Advice button to launch a placeholder contents list. Develop the contents list in Advisor. The Need Advice button can also link to a specified contents list.

NOTE:  Make sure that all the products referenced from Siebel data within a browser-based model to set up interactions with other Siebel applications are set to the same organization that the runtime users may belong to. A product can be set to multiple organizations. If products are not set up in this way, runtime users may encounter errors while making the transition from browser-based applications to other Siebel applications, such as Getting Price and Adding to Cart, and not see certain products, both in connected and in disconnected mode.

To call your application from other Siebel applications, use one of the following methods:

  • Associate a pageset with a customizable product.
  • Create a button that links to a browser-based project contents list.

See the following sections for a description of how to use these methods:

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