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Invoking the ShowCDA Method from a Button

Use the following procedure to invoke the ShowCDA method from a button.

To call your Advisor application from another Siebel application

  1. In Siebel Tools, create a button control on your applet.

    See Using Siebel Tools for information.

  2. For the Method property of the button, invoke the ShowCDA method.

    Use the syntax:

    ShowCDA('ProjectDirectory|Pageset ID')

    NOTE:  This step works only if your applet class inherits from CSSFrame Base.

    The contents list of the default project appears when the button is clicked in your applet at runtime, unless you specified a different project.

For more information about the ShowCDA function, see Siebel Advisor API Reference.

You can also invoke the ShowCDA method to display an application at the applet level rather than the project level. For more information, see the following section.

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