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Referencing Pagesets from Customizable Products

Customizable Products can be configured at runtime by the server-based Configurator and Advisor. To open Advisor for a product, you need to associate a pageset with the product in the Administration - Product screen. After you make this association, when a user clicks the Customize button for a product, the associated pageset opens in Advisor.

To create a customizable product and associate it with a pageset

  1. Create a customizable product and define its structure in the server-based Product Designer.

    Do not create any rules and leave all the cardinalities without any values.

    For information on creating customizable products, see Product Administration Guide.

  2. Release the customizable product.
  3. In Advisor, create a pageset.

    For more information, see To create an Advisor pageset.

  4. Associate the pageset to the product.

    For more information, see To associate an Advisor pageset with a product.

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