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Entering Data in the Advisor Configuration Table

After you have designed your Configuration table, enter all possible combinations of data and determine which combinations are valid, which are invalid, and what messages or recommendations to display when each combination is selected.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Advisor Configuration Tables.

To enter data in the Configuration table

  1. In the Configuration Tables view, select the Configuration table you want to enter data in and select the Editor tab.
  2. In the Editor applet, click New.

    A new row appears.

  3. Click Row Type to open a picklist and choose one of the following:
    • Data for valid configuration rows.
    • Exception for invalid configuration rows.
  4. If you selected Exception in Step 3, enter an exception message in the Rule column.

    For example, "The Luxury sedan is not available with a red exterior. Please choose black or silver." This is a required step.

    If you selected Data in Step 3, create a guidance message for cross and up-sell messages or Advisor questions. For more information, see Creating Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Messages in Advisor or Roadmap for Creating an Advisor Application.

  5. Enter the sequence number. This is an optional step.

    This determines the order in which the new row appears in the Configuration table editor. This number is automatically generated, but you can override it by editing the number.

    NOTE:  A data row and an exception row may have the same sequence number because data rows are sequenced separately from exception rows. Data rows and exception rows must have unique sequence numbers within their types, but a data row may have the same sequence number as an exception row.

  6. For Configuration table rows associated with:
    • A business component, click the select button to open a picklist and select a business component field. Click OK to accept your selection and return to the Configuration table editor.
    • An input column, enter a Feature table code value in the text field.
    • A class, enter an attribute in the text field.
  7. If you have a PRICE column, enter price information for each configuration.

    For more information, see Runtime Access to Pricing Information in Advisor Applications.

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