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Creating Exception Messages in Advisor

Create exception messages to help customers purchase the right product or service. If a customer chooses an invalid combination, the application displays an exception guidance message. Using exception messages that clearly describe what is not available assists the user in determining what choice or choices need to be made.

Table 4 lists some examples of informative exception messages.

Table 4. Examples of Informative Exception Messages
Less Informative
More Informative

"This combination is not available."

"The XYZ network card is not compatible with the LMNO motherboard. Please select another card."

"Model needs more RAM."

"The ACME Laptop requires 256MB RAM."

"That color is not available."

"The ACME Tower Case is not available in teal. Please choose from our current selection of black, tan, and dark blue."

Use exception messages to create up-sell and cross-sell messages as well. For more information, see Creating Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Messages in Advisor.

To create an exception message

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Configuration Tables, and select a configuration table.
  2. On the editor tab, select a configuration row.
  3. In the Row Type column, click the button to open a picklist.
  4. In the picklist, select EXCEPTION and click OK.
  5. Enter values in input columns to determine what combination of data creates the exception message.

    For example, if you have a column for PASSENGERS and a column for MODEL, you could enter 4 for PASSENGERS and sport for MODEL and create the Exception message, "The sport model does not have room for four passengers. Please select another model."

  6. In the Rule column, enter the exception message.

    NOTE:  It is recommended that every main Configuration table have at least one Exception row to catch all of the exceptions. While it is recommended that you create a separate Exception message for each Exception situation, you can catch all exceptions using the last exception row. Enter text that indicates which table the fall through came from. For example: MODEL_TRANSMISSION FALL THROUGH or MAIN FALL THROUGH.

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