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About Global Accounts

Siebel Global Accounts is a module that provides sales professionals with global account-level visibility into the interactions that the company's sales organization and partner's sales organizations have had with the account. Users can view all accounts, opportunities, activities, contacts, and account team members across the account hierarchy on one screen, allowing sales professionals to build a deep understanding of target accounts.

Global Account hierarchies are not provided preconfigured with your Siebel Business Application. They must be set up by an administrator. There are two kinds of account hierarchies that can be set up by the administrator:

  • Default. This type of account hierarchy is based solely on the accounts' Parent fields. This account hierarchy is self-maintaining in that whenever the Parent field of any account is updated, the default hierarchy is also updated. Once set up, the default hierarchy is applied to all organizations that do not already have an organization.
  • Custom. This type of hierarchy is created by the administrator, either by modifying the default hierarchy or from the beginning. Once set up, this hierarchy is independent of the accounts' Parent fields, and as such must be updated by the administrator when changes occur.
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