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Scenario for Using and Administering Global Accounts

This scenario provides an example of a process flow performed by the accounts administrator. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

A midsized company, Corp 123, wants to view consolidated data at the global account level. This company has two organizations set up in its Siebel application: a sales organization and a financial organization. The accounts administrator sets up two account hierarchies, one for each organization. These hierarchies allow end users to view the opportunities and contact information associated with parent accounts.

The sales organization uses the default hierarchy, which is based on the Parent account field. For various reasons, the financial organization requires a modified version of the account hierarchy. One of these reasons is that some accounts' billing structures are different from the accounts' purchasing structures. For example, in the case of XYZ Inc. there are four XYZ accounts who are customers of Corp 123: the XYZ Holding company, two regional subsidiaries, and a financial company. The 123 sales organization wants to view the account hierarchy where all accounts report to the parent holding company. Because all account billing for the XYZ companies is funneled through XYZ Financial, Corp 123's financial organization wants to view the account hierarchy where all accounts report to the XYZ Financial. Figure 21 shows the two hierarchies.

Figure 21. Examples of Account Hierarchies

The default hierarchy used by the sales organization updates automatically when new accounts are added or Parent fields are changed. However, the accounts' administrator updates the finance hierarchy on a weekly basis as new accounts are added and the structure of existing accounts changes.

The global accounts manager wants to review all opportunities at Corp 123. The global accounts manager navigates to the Accounts screen, and selects the Global Accounts view tab. In this view, the manager can see the opportunities for Corp 123.

The global accounts manager can use the Enterprise Selling process (ESP) module to develop global account strategies. See Enterprise Selling Process for a discussion of how to use ESP with global accounts.

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