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Generating a Default Hierarchy

Follow this procedure to set up a default hierarchy. Once generated, this default hierarchy is automatically assigned to organizations without an account hierarchy.

To change the account hierarchy assigned to an organization, see Assigning a Custom Hierarchy to an Organization.

To create a default hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Global Accounts Administration view.
  2. In the Account Hierarchy list, click Generate Hierarchy.

    A new account hierarchy is created.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    A default name is generated based on your user ID and the date.


    Select so that the account hierarchy is the default. The default hierarchy is assigned to all organizations without an account hierarchy and is updated when new Parent fields on the account records are added or modified.

    TIP:   If the generated hierarchy does not appear in the Account Relationships lists, refresh the view by navigating to a different view and then returning to the Global Accounts view.

  3. In the Account Relationships list, review the hierarchy records.

    NOTE:  If end users are using the application when you generate the account hierarchy, they must log off and log on again to see the default account hierarchy in the rollup views.

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