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Creating a Custom Hierarchy

You can create a custom hierarchy by generating a hierarchy as described in the preceding section or by starting from the beginning and creating a series of new records in the Account Relationships list.

To create a custom hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen > Global Accounts Administration view.
  2. In the Account hierarchy list, create a new record and complete the necessary fields. Do not check Default.
  3. In the Accounts Relationship list:
    1. Create new records for each of the top level parent accounts. Leave the Parent Account field blank for each of these.
    2. Create new records for the child accounts, entering the Parent Account for each.

To create a custom hierarchy based on the default hierarchy

  1. Create an account hierarchy as described in To create a default hierarchy.
  2. Select the account hierarchy record and make sure that the Default field is not selected.
  3. In the Account Relationships list, edit the Parent Account field for existing accounts and create new relationship records as required.

    Accounts without Parent Accounts are at the top of the hierarchy and must be entered before their child records can be completed.

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