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Specifying Day Summary ToolTip

For a given day on the Weekly and Monthly Calendar, you can specify the format of the ToolTip that displays all the records for this day.

Day Summary ToolTip User Properties

Table 60 lists the applet user properties for the Day Summary ToolTip.

Table 60. Calendar Applet User Property for Day Summary ToolTip
Applet User Property

["Buscomp Name".]Day Summary Tooltip Template


Template for the day summary ToolTip.

ToolTip appears when mouse over the tile header (7 day weekly or monthly) or the day slot (5 day weekly).

Action.Day Summary Tooltip Template

[Planned] - [Planned Completion] [Type]: [Description]

It will be rendered as:

12:00PM - 1:00PM Appointment: Test eBiz

1:00PM - 2:00PM Training: Take course

2:00PM - 4:00PM Appointment: Design review

Calendar ToolTip Text Figure

Figure 16 shows an example of the ToolTip text in the Activity Hi Calendar.

Figure 16. Calendar Activity Hyperlink and ToolTip Text in the Activity HI Calendar Applet Example
Click for full size image

User Properties for Calendar Fields, Colors, Drilldowns, and ToolTips

Table 61 lists the Calendar user properties for the Calendar fields, colors, drilldowns, and ToolTips.

Table 61. Calendar Applet User Properties for Calendar Fields, Colors, Drilldowns, and ToolTips
Applet User Property

Display Fields

The value of this user property is a list of comma delimited business component fields that you want displayed for each record in the calendar.

For the Activity Calendar, the default value is Description, which is the description of the activity displayed in the calendar.

Display Field Colors

The value can be comma delimited color strings or field names in the format of #RRGGBB.

If the value is a color string, using the format #RRGGBB, then it is used as a color string, otherwise, if the format is not #RRGGBB, then it is interpreted as a field name.

Display Field Drilldown Object Names

Comma delimited drilldown object names.

For example, the Quote. Display Field Drilldown Object Name Applet User Property Name could drilldown to the Quote Detail - Id, Quote Detail - Name User Property Value.

Display Field Drilldown Source Fields

Comma delimited business component field names.

["Display Field Name".]Tooltip Fields

Replace ["Display Field Name".] with the actual display field name. The value of the user property is a list of comma delimited field names.

ToolTip appears when mouse over the record's display field.

For example, the Description.Tooltip Fields user property has the value of Type, Description, Planned, Planned Completion.

The following is an example of the ToolTip that could be displayed:

Type: Appointment

Description: Test

Start: 2/2/2004 12:30PM

End: 2/2/2004 13:00PM

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