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Configuring the Category Icon for the Inbox (in Siebel Tools)

You can change and add to the icons that appear in the Category field by editing the Bitmap Category called Inbox Category.

For more information about bitmap categories and working with images, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

To add Category icon for a Category field value

  1. Add the icon image file (.gif) to the images directory.

    Base the size of your image on the existing Category icons in this directory, for example, icon_approval.gif.

  2. In Siebel Tools, create a bitmap record for the Bitmap Category object called Inbox Category and complete the fields as follows:
    • Name = the Language-Independent Code for the value, from the UINBOX_INBOX_TYPE LOV, for example CAMPAIGNS
    • Bitmap = The name of the file from Step 1
    • Bitmap Category = Inbox Category
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