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Sample Workflow for Assigning Service Requests and Creating Inbox Items

This topic describes the Inbox - Service Demo Creation workflow.

What This Workflow Does

This workflow is triggered whenever a new service request is created. The workflow acts only on service requests where Area = Network; service requests in all other areas are ignored.

If the service request does not have an owner, it is assigned to APARKER. Inbox items and Inbox item owners are created for the service request's owner and the service request owner's manager. Both users are then sent email to notify them that there are new items in their Inboxes.

Diagram of the Workflow

Figure 13. Inbox - Service Demo Creation Workflow
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Detailed Information About the Steps in the Workflow

The workflow does the following steps:

  1. Start. The workflow is triggered when a service request is created.
  2. Retrieve SRInfo. Retrieves data about the service request, for example, its Area, Status, and SR #.
  3. SRArea, isSR Assigned, HR Policies SR Type, and Default. If the service request is unassigned and value of the Area field is Network, then assigns the service request to APARKER.
  4. Query Inbox Existance and Is Object Item existed in Inbox. Checks if an Inbox item for this service request already exists.
  5. CreateInbox For Owner. If an Inbox item does not already exist, creates an Inbox item (of Inbox Type SROwner) and an Inbox item owner by calling the CreateInboxEx method.
  6. Get SREmployee Info. Retrieves the email address of the service request's owner.
  7. Manager Exist. Determines if the owner of the service request has a manager.
  8. Get Manager Info, Create InboxMngr, IsEmailAddrExisted, and Send Email to Manager and to Owner. If the owner of the service request has a manager:
    • Retrieves information about the manager.
    • Creates an Inbox item (of Inbox Type SRManager) and an Inbox item owner by calling the CreateInboxEx method.
    • Sends email to both the manager and the owner of the service request.
  9. IsSROwnerEmail and Send Email to SR Owner. If the owner does not have a manager, sends email to the owner of the service request.
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