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Sample Workflow to Synchronize Status for Service Requests and Inbox Items

This topic describes the Inbox - Service Action workflow.

What This Workflow Does

This workflow makes sure that changes to the service request records (where Area=Network) and the Inbox item based on those service requests are kept in sync:

  • When a user takes action on a service request Inbox item, the status of the service request record is updated accordingly. (For example, when the Inbox item is closed by its owner, the workflow changes the status of the underlying service request to closed.)
  • When a user changes the Status of a service request, the actions available for the corresponding Inbox item are appropriately updated. In this case, the Inbox items for both the owner and the manager are deactivated (removed from the Inbox).

Diagram of the Workflow

Figure 14. Inbox - Service Action Workflow
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Detailed Information About the Steps in the Workflow

The workflow does the following steps:

  1. Start. The workflow starts when:
    • The user takes action on a service request Inbox item.
    • The run-time event attached to the WriteRecordUpdate event on the Service Request business component is triggered.
  2. GetInboxInfo. Retrieves a set of parameters about the Inbox item. One of the parameters is ObjectId (which is the ServiceRequestId). This step positions the Service Request business component on the ObjectId that has been passed in.
  3. GetSRUIStatus. Retrieves the action taken by the user on the service request Inbox item.
  4. Set SR Status. Updates the Status of the service request according to the action taken by the user on the Inbox item.
  5. GetSRStatus. Retrieves the status and area information about the service request.
  6. Network Area?. Determines if the value of the Area field is Network. If not, the workflow ends.
  7. Is SR Closed?, Deactivate Inbox Owners and Deactivate SRManagers. If the service request is closed, calls the DeactivateInboxItem method to deactivate Inbox item owners for the owner of the service request and their manager.
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