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Examples of Inbox Triggers

This section presents samples of Inbox triggers.

About the Sample Workflows

The following pages describe three sample workflows that apply to service requests and that illustrate the use of the Inbox. You can import the workflow files into Siebel's Sample Database using Siebel Tools, and try out the workflows. Additionally, you can import them into your own implementation and modify them for your business needs.

Where to Find the Sample Workflow Files

These sample workflows are provided as part of the sample database installation. You can find these workflow files in the SIEBEL_CLIENT_HOME\SAMPLE\WORKFLOWS directory. (For example, C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.8\web client\SAMPLE\WORKFLOWS)

The names of the files that contain the sample workflows are:

  • Inbox - Service Demo Creation.xml
  • Inbox - Service Action.xml
  • Inbox - Service Detail Action.xml

Creating Inbox Types for Use with the Sample Workflows

If you want to try out the sample workflows in the Sample Database, you have to create two Inbox types: SRManager and SROwner.

To create two Inbox types for use with the sample workflows

  1. Create two Inbox types using the field values given in the following table.

    The procedure is in Creating Inbox Types.

    Field Name
    Value for First Inbox Type
    Value for Second Inbox Type




    Business Object Name

    Service Request

    Service Request




    Default Queue Duration (Days)



    Item Expiration Duration (Days)



    Action Type



  2. Set up a link to the Service Request Detail View for the SROwner and the SRManager Inbox types.

    The procedure is in Setting Up Inbox Links to Views and SmartScripts.

  3. Create an Inbox Actions record for the SROwner Inbox type using the field values given in the following table.

    The procedure is in Setting Up Inbox Actions.

    Field Name


    Action Field Dropdown

    Business Service

    Workflow Process Manager

    Business Service Method


    Business Service Method Arguments

    "ProcessName", "Inbox - Service Action"

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