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Sample Workflow to Update Inbox Items for Status Changes Made in the Inbox Detail View

This topic describes the Inbox - Service Detail Action workflow.

What This Workflow Does

This workflow is triggered when a user changes the status of a service request from within the Inbox screen > Detail view. This workflow updates the service request's Inbox item according to the change made to the service request.

Diagram of the Workflow

Figure 15. Inbox - Service Detail Action Workflow
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Detailed Information About the Steps in the Workflow

The workflow does the following steps:

  1. Start. The run-time event attached to the WriteRecordUpdate event on the Service Request business component of the UInbox Item Task business object is triggered.
  2. GetSRId. Gets the service request row ID and the Inbox item ID.
  3. GetSRInfo. Gets the updated information from the service request record.
  4. UpdateInboxOwnerActionInfo. Calls the UpdateInboxOwnerInfo method to update the Inbox item owner.
  5. IsSRClosed, DeactivateInboxOwner, and DeactivateInboxOwnerManager. If the service request is closed, calls the DeactivateInboxItem method to deactivate Inbox item owners for the owner of the service request and their manager.
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