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Creating Activities From Target Lists (End User)

From the List Management screen, you can create activities for each member in a list.

How fields for the activities are completed, including which fields are copied from the list member records, is determined by "activity templates." These templates are set up by the Siebel administrator; see Setting Up Data Map Object "Activity Templates" for Target Lists. In the preconfigured application, the "activity templates" can only be applied for lists of contacts.

This task is a step in Process of Global Target List Management.

To create an activity for each party in a list

  1. Navigate to the List Management screen > Lists view.
  2. Select a list record.
  3. Click Create Activity.
  4. In the Create Activity dialog box, select an "activity template."
    "Activity Template"
    For each contact in the list, creates a ...

    Customer Status Call

    High priority activity of type Call - Outbound

    Customer Status Email

    High priority activity of type Email - Outbound

    End Information Email

    Medium priority activity of type Email - Outbound

    Targeted Call

    Activity of type Targeted Call

    NOTE:  These "activity templates" are data map objects created through the Data Transfer Utilities. They are not the same as the activity templates used to create activity plans.

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