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Invoking a Business Service Method from an Event Response

You can create or modify an event response in the communications configuration to specify a Siebel business service and method to be invoked whenever this event response is invoked by an event handler.

To configure this, you use the event parameters ServiceMethod and ServiceParam to specify the name of the business service and method to invoke, and to specify argument names and values to pass to the business service method. For more information about using these event parameters, see Event Responses.

The business service method may also alter the event data fields that were associated with the work item, such as to add new fields.

In the example event response shown in Table 52 (for Siebel CTI Connect), the method MyMethod of the business service MyService is invoked to handle the event. The value of the ServiceParam.CallingDN parameter is from the ANI event data field; the value of the ServiceParam.Connection parameter is from the refId event data field.

Table 52. Event Response: OnInboundCallReceived
Parameter Name
Parameter Value







When a business service method is invoked from an event response, the value for the output argument Continue will be either TRUE (1) or FALSE (0). If Continue is TRUE, event handling as specified in the event handler that called this event response will proceed (such as to generate a screen pop).

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