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Invoking a Business Service Method from an Event Handler

You can create or modify an event handler in the communications configuration to specify a Siebel business service and method to be invoked. The business service method returns data to determine whether this event handler matches. In addition, it may perform other functions desired by the customer.

To configure this, you use the event parameters ServiceMethod and ServiceParam to specify the name of the business service and method to invoke, and to specify argument names and values to pass to the business service method. For more information about using these event parameters, see Event Handlers.

In the example shown in Table 51, Communications Server invokes the method MyMethod of the business service MyService, and passes arguments "attribute1" and "attribute2" to the method, using the values of the ServiceParam.Param1 and ServiceParam.Param2 parameters.

Table 51. Event Handler: OnInboundCallReceived
Parameter Name
Parameter Value







The example event handler has the Device Event field set to the appropriate device event for the driver, such as InboundCall for the Siebel CTI Connect driver.

You can use the ServiceMethod and ServiceParam parameters to supplement or replace filter mechanisms using the Filter or FilterSpec parameters. You can also use this method to execute custom code before executing a specified event response. The business method should set a parameter of Result to a value 1 or 0 (or TRUE or FALSE):

  • 1 (TRUE) indicates that this event handler matches and is executed, and the associated event response is executed.
  • 0 (FALSE) invalidates this event handler; the next event handler will then be evaluated.
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