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Invoking a Business Service Method from a Command

You can create or modify a command and a corresponding command data definition in the communications configuration to specify a Siebel business service and method to be invoked. To do this, you do the following:

  • Use the command parameter ServiceMethod in a command to specify the name of the business service and method to invoke.
  • Use the command parameter ServiceParam in the associated command data definition to specify argument names and values to pass to the business service method.

For more information about using these command parameters, see Commands and Command Data.

In the example shown in Table 49 and Table 50, Communications Server invokes the method MyMakeCall of the business service MyMakeCallService, and passes arguments to the service method. The value of the ServiceParam.PhoneNumber parameter is from the @Phone macro; the value of the ServiceParam.AgentID parameter is from the @AgentId macro.

At runtime, commands that invoke business service methods are determined to be enabled or disabled by invoking from the applicable business service the method CanInvokeMethod("method_name"), where method_name is your business service method to be invoked. If TRUE is returned, the method can be invoked. If FALSE is returned, the method cannot be invoked and the command is disabled.

No DeviceCommand parameter is included in this example, because the communications command is not designed to call a function on the external communications system.

Table 49. Command: MakeCallInService
Parameter Name
Parameter Value


Make Call In My Service





Table 50. Command Data: MakeCallInService
Parameter Name
Parameter Value





Communications Server can invoke the methods of any business service, not only those, like this example, that pertain to communications.

NOTE:  By default, several communications commands invoke business service methods. For examples, see the communications configuration data provided by Siebel Systems.

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