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Agents and ACD Queue Settings

If agents receive voice calls through ACD queues, one or more ACD queues can be associated with the agent using the Agent General Profile view.

NOTE:  If the parameter Service:IsQueueRequired is FALSE for any profiles for applicable CTI drivers that are associated with this configuration, then you need not associate agents with ACD queues. For more information, see Siebel CTI Connect Driver Parameters.

One or more ACD queues can be designated as primary for the agent. The Log In and Log Out buttons on the communications toolbar, and the autologin function, log an agent into or out of all primary ACD queues.

In the User Preferences screen, an agent can selectively log in to or out of any of the associated queues, including those not designated as primary. For more information, see Setting Communications User Preferences.

For more information, see Configuring Communications Log In and Log Out.

For information about setting ACD queue values, see also Configuring Communications List of Values Types.

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