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Command Example

Communications Simulator. Table 22 and Table 23 provide an example of a command showing how the Communications Simulator defines the hot key that simulates an incoming call from someone who is not in the database.

Table 22. Command: SimCallNotFound
Parameter Name
Parameter Value







Table 23. Command Data: SimCallNotFound
Parameter Name
Parameter Value



You might want to change something about this simulated incoming call. For instance, you might want the command to appear on the Communications submenu to provide Communications Simulator users with an alternative to pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F11.

For more information about the Communications Simulator, see Enabling Session Communications and Simulation.

To add a Simulate Call command to the Communications submenu

  1. Start the Demo version of a Siebel application such as Siebel Call Center Demo.

    The demo versions of these applications use communications simulation and connect to the Sample Database.

  2. Connect to the Sample Database as the Siebel administrator (SADMIN is both the login name and the password).
  3. Navigate to Administration - Communications > All Commands.
  4. In the Commands list, select the record for the SimCallNotFound command.
  5. Change the command parameter Hidden from TRUE to FALSE.
  6. Add a new command parameter called Title and give it the value Simulate Call.
  7. Exit the Siebel client.
  8. Restart the Siebel client.

    A new menu item, Simulate Call, has been added to the Communications submenu.

    If you do not specify a title, the menu item is based on the value for the DeviceCommand parameter; in this case, it is SimulateCall (with no space).

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