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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Events Management Guide, Version 7.8

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. New Product Features in Siebel Events Management Guide, Version 7.8

Marketing Templates

See Adding Session Templates.

You now manage session templates from the Marketing Templates view.

Organizational Visibility

See Table 8.

This new feature specifies which organizations have access to view the event.

Session Track View

See Viewing Session Tracks.

Added the following new procedure: To view tracks associated with a specific session.

Speaker Overlap Check

See Adding Speakers to Sessions.

This new feature prevents speaker overlaps across sessions.

Microsite Integration

See Using Siebel Microsites.

Microsite integration controls the look-and-feel of the event detail view using Siebel Microsite capabilities.

Attendee List Creation

See Creating Attendee Lists.

This new feature allows you to create a list of contacts from the Attendees view.

Guest Specification

See Tracking Guests of Attendees.

This new feature allows you to track guests for each registered attendee.

Multi-Attendee Session Registration

See Registering a Group of Attendees for a Session.

This new feature allows you to select multiple attendees to register for sessions simultaneously.

Allow Waitlist Flag

See Canceling Registrations and Using the Waiting List.

Added the following new procedure: To disable the waitlist feature for an event or session.

Events Home Page Applets

See Customizing Siebel Events Home Page Applets.

Added new section about the Siebel Events home page applets, that is the My Events applet, Browse Events Applet, and Upcoming Events Applet.

Event Calendar

See Managing the Events Calendar.

Updated new controls for the Event Calendar, including new Gantt charts for the Track Calendar and Session Timeline, new daily calendar format, and viewing details about events.

Deleted Event Icons section as they are no longer supported in 7.8.

Correspondence Integration

See Correspondence Integration.

This new features allows you to send correspondence to selected attendees.

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