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About the Application Toolbar

The Siebel application toolbar appears below the application-level menu. The left part of the toolbar, shown in Figure 4, provides access to frequently used tools such as the Site Map. You use the right part of the toolbar, shown in Figure 5, to find information in your Siebel application. The tools available on the application toolbar are described in Table 2.

Figure 4. Frequently Used Tools in the Application Toolbar
Figure 5. Finding Information with the Application Toolbar
Table 2. Application Toolbar Controls
Related Topic

Site Map button

Displays the Site Map.

Using the Site Map

How Do I button

Lets you access iHelp. iHelp provides guidance with tasks.

Using iHelp

Quick Print button

Lets you print the data you are currently viewing.
(Depending on your user preferences, this button may be grayed-out.)

Printing Records

Setting Quick Print Options

Reports button

Lets you access reports for the screen you are working in.

Running Reports

Queries drop-down list

Provides access to your saved queries and to the predefined queries established by your organization.

Using Query to Locate Information

New query button

Launches a new query.

Execute query button

Executes a query after you have defined query criteria.

Search button

Activates the Search Center, which allows you to search for and find records within the database.

Using Search to Locate Information