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Scenario for Generating and Managing Event Orders

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by an event manager to prepare for an upcoming event. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

The process for generating and managing event orders occurs after the event manager gathers sufficient detail to create the documentation necessary to execute the event.

The event manager can generate a primary order for the quote if necessary. This information includes all details about function inventory. Alternatively, the event manager may decide to generate a function order for each function associated with a quote.

After the orders have been generated, the event manager continues to modify order line items as needed to meet billing requirements and other conditions. In addition, the event manager performs other order-related activities such as adding notes or attachments to the order and updating primary orders to function records.

After the order records are created, event management users access different order records according to visibility rules that are in place.

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