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Creating Function Orders

Function orders may be generated from individual functions associated with a quote. These function orders are used in place of a primary order for the entire quote. When an order is generated from functions, the following information is transferred from the quote to the function orders:

  • Header information from the quote, including pricing details.
  • Line items associated with the function, and their asset inventories and pricing information.
  • The Event Manager and Sales Manager details are copied to the function order.

If an order is created at the quote level after function orders have already been generated, all functions and function line items are automatically associated with the primary order. A dialog box is displayed, however, warning you that an order has already been created at the function level and that if you continue and create the primary order, then all function line items are associated with the new order.

This task is a step in Process of Generating and Managing Event Orders.

To create a function order

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > Quotes List view.
  2. In the Quotes list, query for and select the required quote record.
  3. In the Quote record, click the link in the Name field.
  4. In the quote Functions list, select the required function record or multiselect the required function records.
  5. From the Functions menu, select Create Function Order.

    The Orders Functions view is displayed, and an order, of the type BEO, with the following characteristics is displayed:

    • If you selected one function record, then the order contains one function in the Functions list.
    • If you selected multiple function records, then the order contains multiple functions in the Functions list.
    • If a primary order already exists when you try to generate a function order, then a dialog box appears informing you that an order already exists for the selected order.
      • If you choose to continue, then the line items for the function order are automatically associated with the new function order. The new order also becomes primary for the function.
      • If you do not want the new order to become primary for the function, you can click Cancel, and the function order is not created.
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