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Viewing Information on the Hospitality Home Page (End User)

When a user logs in to the Siebel Hospitality application, the Hospitality home page appears. The home page is a combination of lists that provides a snapshot of the most important information that the user needs to manage a daily workload.

The purpose of the home page is to alert users to recent status changes and provide quick access to other views with additional functionality. When users click a link within the record, they are automatically navigated to the record's detail form and associated view tabs. For example, selecting a record in the My Opportunities list and then clicking the link in the Opportunity Name link takes the user to the opportunity's detail form and associated view tabs.

The home page only displays the information for which the user has visibility permission, based on the user's profile. Depending on the type of user, the Hospitality home page can include the following lists:

  • My Opportunities
  • My Quotes
  • My Evaluations
  • My Turnover Quotes
  • All Orders
  • All Event Checks
  • My Current Activities
  • My Transferred Quotes

The user can configure the home page to customize the information that appears. For example, the number of records displayed in each list on the home page can be configured. Lists on the home page typically display five records; users can scroll to additional records.

The user can also edit the home page layout to specify which sections are displayed. These changes remain in effect until new changes are made. For more information on home page layout controls, see Fundamentals.

Figure 1 shows the Hospitality home page, with a personalized welcome for the logged-in user, the My Opportunities and My Quotes lists, and the user's personal Calendar.

Figure 1. Siebel Hospitality Home Page
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