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Data Bean Methods for Java Data Bean

Table 39 lists a summary of the SiebelDataBean methods' syntax.

Table 39. SiebelDataBean Methods Syntax Summary

Attach Method

Allows an external application to reconnect to an existing Siebel session.

boolean attach(String sessionID) throws SiebelException

CurrencyCode Method

Returns the three-letter operating currency code.

String currencyCode()

Detach Method

Returns a string containing the Siebel session ID.

String detach() throws SiebelException

GetBusObject Method

Instantiates and returns a new instance of the business object specified in the argument.

SiebelBusObject getBusObject(String boName) throws SiebelException

GetProfileAttr Method

Returns the value of an attribute in a user profile.

String getProfileAttr(String attrName) throws SiebelException

GetService Method

Returns a specified service. If the service is not already running, it is constructed.

SiebelService getService(string serviceName) throws SiebelException

InvokeMethod Method

Calls the named specialized method.

String invokeMethod(String name, String[] args) throws SiebelException

Login Method

Allows external applications to log in to the Data Bean.

boolean login(String connString, String userName, String passWord) throws SiebelException

LoginId Method

Returns the login ID of the user who started the Siebel application.

String loginId()

LoginName Method

Returns the login name of the user who started the Siebel application.

String loginName()

Logoff Method

Disconnects the client from the server.

boolean logoff() throws SiebelException

NewPropertySet Method

Constructs and returns a new property set object.

SiebelPropertySet newPropertySet()

PositionId Method

Returns the position ID that describes the user's current position.

String positionId()

PositionName Method

Returns the position name of the user's current position.

String positionName()

SetPositionId Method

Sets the active position to the Position ID specified in the argument.

boolean setPositionId(String posId) throws SiebelException

SetPositionName Method

Sets the active position to the position name specified in the argument. Returns a Boolean value indicating if the method succeeded.

boolean setPositionName(String posName) throws SiebelException

SetProfileAttr Method

SetProfileAttr is used in personalization to assign values to attributes in a user profile.

boolean setProfileAttr(String attrName,String attrValue) throws SiebelException

Trace Method

The Trace method appends a message to the trace file. Trace is useful for debugging SQL query execution. This method does not trace Java standard output.

boolean trace(String message) throws SiebelException

TraceOff Method

TraceOff turns off the tracing started by the TraceOn method. This method does not trace Java standard output.

boolean traceOff() throws SiebelException

TraceOn Method

TraceOn turns on the tracking of allocations and deallocations of Siebel objects, and SQL statements generated by the Siebel application. This method does not trace Java standard output.

boolean traceOn(String filename, String Category, String selection)throws SiebelException

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