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Business Component Classes

Using Methods in Business Component Classes

CSSBusComp Class

CSSBCBase Class

CSSBCBase Methods

CSSBCAccountSIS Class

CSSBCActivity Class

CSSBCActivity Methods

CSSBCContactSIS Class

CSSBCContactSIS Methods

CSSBCFile Class

CSSBCFile Methods


CSSBCFINOppty Methods

CSSBCFINSActivity Class

CSSBCForecast Class

CSSBCForecast Methods

CSSBCForecastBase Class

CSSBCForecastBase Methods

CSSBCForecastItem Class

CSSBCForecastItemDetail Class

CSSBCForecastItemDetail Methods

CSSBCOppty Class

CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct Class

CSSBCProposal Class

CSSBCProposal Methods

CSSBCServiceRequest Class

CSSBCUser Class

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Applet Classes

Relationship Between SWE and Non-SWE Classes

CSSFrame and CSSSWEFrame Classes

CSSFrame and CSSSWEFrame Methods

CSSFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameBase Classes

CSSFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameBase Methods

CSSFrameList and CSSSWEFrameList Classes

CSSFrameListBase and CSSSWEFrameListBase Classes

CSSFrameListFile and CSSSWEFrameListFile Classes

CSSFrameListWeb and CSSSWEFrameListWeb Classes

CSSFrameSalutation and CSSSWEFrameSalutation Classes

CSSSWEFrameContactOrgChart Class

CSSSWEFrameFINApplication and CSSSWEFrameListFINApplication Classes

CSSSWEFrameListDocGen Class

CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration Class

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User Properties

Setting Numbered Instances of a User Property

Active Field

Active Value

Activity SearchSpec

Admin Mode Field

Admin NoDelete

Admin NoUpdate

Affiliated Account Id Field

All Mode Sort

Always Enable Child: buscomp_name


Application Name

Aspect User Properties

Aspect (CSSBCBase)

Aspect (CSSSWEFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameListBase)

Assignment Object

Associate: Completion Timeout (Client)

Associate: Completion Timeout (Server)

Associate: Sleep Time Between Attempts


AssocFieldName [Field Name]





BC eAuto Sales Step

BC eAuto Sales Step Admin

BC Opportunity

BC Position

BC Read Only Field

BO eAuto Sales Step Admin

Calc Actual OnWriteRecord




Contact-Activity BC Name

Contact MVG PreDefault Expression

Contact-Opportunity BC Name

Contact Relationship Type

Copy Contact

Credit Card User Properties

Credit Card Expired Month

Credit Card Expired Year

Credit Card Number

Credit Card Type

Credit Check

Credit Check Workflow

Currency Field n

DataCleansing Field n

DataCleansing Type


Day Number: Arrival Date Field

Day Number: Function BC Name

Day Number: Room Block BC Name

DB2 Optimization Level

DeDup Token Value

Deduplication User Properties

DeDuplication CFG File

DeDuplication Field n

DeDuplication Results

DeDuplication Results Applet

Deep Copying and Deleting

Deep Copy n

Deep Copy/Delete Link

Deep Delete n

Default Applet Method

Default Bookmark View

Default Display Field


DefaultFocus User Properties




DisableSort (Field User Property)

DisableSort (Control User Property)

Display Mask Char


Drilldown Visibility

Duplicate Elimination

DynHierarchy User Properties

eAuto Enable Create Sales Step

eAuto Status Field Name

eAuto Status Field Value

eGanttChart Busy Free Time Applet User Properties

Email Activity Accepted Status Code

Email Activity New Status Code

Email Activity Rejected Status Code

Email Activity Sent Status Code

Email Manager Compatibility Mode

Employee Link

Enable Dispatch Board

Encryption User Properties


Encrypt Key Field

Encrypt Service Name

Encrypt ReadOnly Field

Encrypt Source Field

Extended Quantity Field

Field Read Only Field: fieldname


FINS Query Mode Disabled Method n

Forecast Analysis BC

Forecast Rollup

Group Visibility

Group Visibility Only

Inner Join Extension Table n

Logical Message Type

Maintain Master Account

Manager List Mode

Master Account Field


MVG Set Primary Restricted: visibility_mvlink_name

Named Method n

Named Search: Forecast Series Date Range

No Change Field n

No Clear Field n



NoDelete Field


Non-SalesRep View Mode SearchSpec


On Condition Set Field Value

On Field Update Invoke n

On Field Update Set n

Opportunity Name

Parent Account Field

ParentBC Account Id Field

Parent Id Field

Parent Read Only Field

Picklist Pre Default Field n

Political Analysis Field

Position Join Fields

Post Default Created Date To Date Saved


Primary Position Modification

Private Activity Search Spec

Protect Seed Data


Recipient Communications User Properties

Recipient First Name Field

Recipient Last Name Field

Recipient Email Address Field

Recipient Fax Address Field

Recipient Preferred Medium Field

Recipient Id Field n

Recursive Link

Remote Source


Required Position MVField

Response Type Call Back

Response Type More Info

Response Type Unsubscribe

Revenue Aggregation Field n

Revenue Associate List

Revenue Field Map: fieldname

Revision Copy Field n

Revision Field

Sequence Field

Sequence Use Max

Service Name

Service Parameters

Set Primary Sales Rep As Owner

Set User As Contact

Share Home Phone Flag Field

Show Required n

Skip Existing Forecast Series Date


Sort Field Map n

State Model

TargetProp n

Text Length Override



Update Parent BC

Update Planned Field On Set: StartDate, StartTime

Update Status To Synchronized

Update Status To Synchronized Types


Use Literals For Like

Use Literals For Merge

Validate Parent Account

ViewMode Sort



WorkFlow Behaviour

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SWE Tags

swe:all-applets, swe:all-controls, swe:list-control







swe:for-each-child, swe:child-applet

swe:for-each-node, swe:for-each-indent, swe:indent-img, swe:node, swe:applet-tree-list




swe:frame, swe:frameset



swe:if, swe:switch, swe:case, swe:default





swe:screenbar, swe:for-each-screen, swe:screenlink, swe:screenname




swe:subviewbar, swe:for-each-subview




swe:threadbar, swe:for-each-thread, swe:threadlink, swe:stepseparator

swe:togglebar, swe:for-each-toggle, swe:togglelink, swe:togglename

swe:toolbar, swe:toolbaritem


swe:view, swe:current-view

swe:viewbar, swe:for-each-view, swe:viewlink, swe:viewname


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Siebel Templates for Employee Applications

Overview of UI Elements for Employee Applications

Applet Visual Reference

Applet Form 1-Col (Base/Edit/New)

Applet Form 1-Col Light (Base/Edit/New)

Applet Form 4-Col (Base), (Edit/New), and Applet List (Edit/New/Query)

Applet List (Base/EditList)

Applet List Totals (Base/EditList)

List Portal (Graphical) Applet

Applet List Message

Popup List, Popup Query, Popup Form

Calendar Monthly, Calendar Weekly, Calendar Daily

Applet Gantt Chart

Applet Chart

Grid Form Layouts

Non-Grid Form Layouts

Controls IDs Per Region for Non-Grid Form Templates

Considerations for Using Applet Templates

Applet Template Descriptions

Applet Form Grid Layout

Applet Popup Form Grid Layout

Applet List (Base/EditList)

Applet List Inverted

Applet List Message

Applet List Portal

Applet List Portal (Graphical)

Applet List Search Results

Applet List Totals (Base/EditList)

Popup List

Applet Form 1 Column Light (Base/Edit/New)

Applet Form 4 Column (Base)

Applet Form 4 Column (Edit/New)

Applet Form 4-Col (No Record Nav)

Applet List Edit (Edit/New/Query)

Applet Wizard

Error Page

Popup Form

SmartScript Player Applet (Player Only)

Applet Tree 2

Applet Tree Marketing

Smart Script Player Applet (Tree Only)

Applet Calendar Daily (Portal)

eCalendar Daily Applet

eCalendar Monthly Applet

eCalendar Weekly Applet

Service Calendar Applet

Applet Chart

View Layouts

View Issues

View Template Descriptions

View 1 Over 2 Over 1

View 25 - 50 - 25

View 25 - 75

View 25 - 75 Framed

View 25 75 Framed 2

View 50 - 50

View 66 - 33

View Admin 1

View Admin 1 (Grandchild Indented)

View Basic

View Catalog Admin

View Detail

View Detail (Grandchild Indented)

View Detail 2

View Detail 2 (Grandfather Indent)

View Detail 3

View Detail 3 (Grandchild Indented)

View Detail 3 Multi Child

View Detail Multi-Child

View Search

View Tree

View Tree 2

Page Container Templates

Page Container

CC Container Page Logic

Specialized Applet Templates

Applet Advanced Search

Applet Dashboard

Applet Find

Applet Form Search Top

Applet Items Displayed

Applet Salutation

Applet Salutation (Graphical)

Applet Screen Links

Applet Send Mail

Applet Send Mail Pick

eActivityGanttChart Applet

eGantt Chart Applet

eGanttChart Applet (Portal)

Search Applet

Site Map

Spell Checker Popup Applet

Specialized Views

View Dashboard

View SME Segment Detail

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Siebel Templates for Customer Applications

Overview of UI Elements

Applet Template Visual Reference

List Brief/Bullet

List Brief/Bullet/Border

List Brief/Bullet/Shaded

List Brief/Image Bullet

List Brief/Image Bullet/Border

List Brief/Image Bullet/Shaded

List Detailed/Image Bullet

List Detailed/Image Bullet/Record Navigation

List Detailed/Image Bullet/Record Navigation 2

Form/Title Only



Form/Item Detail 1




List Tabbed

Form/4 Column



Real-Time Shopping Cart

Go To View List

Applet Templates

DotCom Applet List Brief Bullet

DotCom Applet List Brief Bullet/Border

DotCom Applet List Brief Bullet / Shade

DotCom Applet List Brief ImgBullet

DotCom Applet List Brief ImgBullet / Border

DotCom Applet List Brief ImgBullet / Shade

DotCom Applet List Brief ImgBullet 2

DotCom Applet List Categorized (No Tab)

DotCom Applet List Categorized Bullet

DotCom Applet List Categorized Bullet / Tabbed

DotCom Applet List Categorized Tabbed

DotCom Applet List Categorized TOC

DotCom Applet List Detailed ImgBullet

DotCom Applet List Detailed ImgBullet RecNav

DotCom Applet List Detailed ImgBullet RecNav2

DotCom Applet List Horizontal

DotCom Applet List Light

DotCom Applet List Search Results

DotCom Applet List Subcategory

DotCom Applet List Subcategory 1 Per Row

DotCom Applet List Subcategory 4-Per-Column

DotCom Applet List Subcategory 6-Per-Column

DotCom Applet List Subcategory Indented

DotCom Applet List Tabbed

DotCom List Merged (Base/EditList)

DotCom Applet Form 1-Column

DotCom Applet Form 2-Column

DotCom Applet Form 4-Column

DotCom Applet Form Item Detail

DotCom Applet Form Search Top

DotCom Applet Form Title

DotCom Applet Links

Dotcom Form 4-Col Merged (Base/Edit/New)

View Templates

DotCom View 100 66 33 100

DotCom View 25 50 25

DotCom View 25 50 25 Home

DotCom View 50 50

DotCom View 66 33

DotCom View Admin

DotCom View Basic

DotCom View Detail

DotCom View Detail MultiChild

DotCom View Detail2

Page Containers

Framed Versus Unframed

DotCom Page Container (Framed)

DotCom Page Container (Hybrid)

DotCom Page Container No Frames

Specialized Applets

DotCom Applet Find

DotCom Applet License Base 1 Column

DotCom Applet Parametric Search Head

DotCom Applet Parametric Search Tail

DotCom Applet Realtime Cart

DotCom Applet Search Advanced

DotCom Applet Search Advanced Tabbed

DotCom Applet Search Basic

DotCom Applet Totals

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Cascading Style Sheets

Body, Td, Input, Select, Textarea, A

MVG Format Definitions

Global Menu Definitions

Navigation Tabs

Thread Bar

List Definitions

Login Page Definitions

Banner Definitions

Message Layer

Mini-Button Definitions

SmartScript Definitions

Search Center Definitions

Single-Column (sc) Form Mode

Multi-Column Editable (mce) Form Mode

Rich Text Component Classes

Layout Styles

Applet Select

Applet Style

Calendar Definitions

Service Calendar Definitions

Tree Style

DotCom (Customer Applications) Definitions

Dashboard Definitions

Site Map Definitions

Table of Contents Definitions

Page Header Definitions

Miscellaneous Definitions

External Content (EC)

ePortal Definitions

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Operators, Expressions, and Conditions


Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Pattern Matching with LIKE and NOT LIKE


Functions in Calculation Expressions

Using Calculated Fields with Chart Coordinates

Using Datetime Fields in Calculations

Using Julian Functions

Calculated Field Rules

Example of String Concatenation and the IIf Function

Syntax for Predefault and Postdefault Fields

Calculated Field Values and Field Validation

Field Object Data Types

Search Syntax

Query By Example

Search Specification

Searching Multi-Value Groups with [NOT] EXISTS

Sort Syntax

Sorting Through Predefined Queries

Sorting Through the Object Property Sort Specification

Sorting Through the User Interface

Sorting Versus Searching

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