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Encrypt ReadOnly Field

This field user property allows you to set an encrypted field to read-only if its decryption fails.


The value of this user property is the name of a calculated field on the business component whose Calculated Value property is left blank.


The calculated field that is specified by this user property determines whether the data in the encrypted field is set to read-only. Preserving the data in read-only form may allow someone to recover it later without the data being further modified.

The calculated field can assume the following values:

  • Y if decryption fails on the encrypted field. The encrypted field is automatically set to read-only.
  • N if decryption succeeds on the encrypted field. The encrypted field is editable.

For example, in the Quote business component, the encrypted Credit Card Number field has the Encrypt ReadOnly Field user property set to the calculated field Credit Card Number - Read Only.

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