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Encrypt Source Field

This field user property allows you to display a masked version of secure data, typically a credit card number or account number.


The value of the Encrypt Source Field user property is the name of a field on the business component that contains the encrypted credit card number or account number.


This user property is used with the Display Mask Char user property to display only the last 4 digits of a credit card number or account number, such as xxxxxxxxxxxx9999. This user property is set on a separate calculated field that is displayed in the UI instead of the field containing the entire credit card number or account number.

For example, in the Quote business component, the Credit Card Number field is the encrypted field that stores the credit card number. The Credit Card Number - Display field is a calculated field on which the following user properties are set:

  • Display Mask Char with a value of x
  • Encrypt Source Field with a value of Credit Card Number

The applet field that displays the masked credit card number should reference the Credit Card Number - Display field.

See also Display Mask Char.

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