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Encryption User Properties

Encryption of business component fields can be controlled using the following field user properties, which are described in subsequent topics:

For more information on setting up and upgrading encryption, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

For more information on encryption keys and how they are managed, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

A field is encrypted by setting the encryption flag, identifying the encryption service, and specifying the encryption key to be used. Siebel applications come preconfigured with two business services that you can use to encrypt data fields: the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryptor and the RC2 Encryptor, based on RSA encryption.

NOTE:  You must run upgrade scripts to change the encryption of a field by any of the following: use the RSA or AES encryptor service on a field that was previously unencrypted or that was encrypted using the Standard Encryptor (no longer supported); use a stronger version of RC2 encryption than was previously used on the field. For more information, see the upgrade guide for the operating system you are using.

When encryption is turned on, data written to the field is in the encrypted format and data read from the field is decrypted. Therefore, all business component fields that are mapped to the same database column must also have encryption turned on with consistent user property specifications.

For information about turning on field level encryption, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

You can turn off encryption on a field by setting the field's Encrypted user property to N.

NOTE:  Credit Card Number fields are commonly encrypted. However, in the Order Entry -- Orders, Quote, and Agreements business components screens, it may be desirable to turn off the encryption in particular credit card number fields so that the user can see what was typed.

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