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Defining Which Frames Display Each of the Display Pages

Because your application can contain any number of display pages and any number of frames, you must tell the engine which display pages appear in each frame defined for the pageset.

Use the RegisterPageLocation function to identify the frame that each display page loads into. The syntax of this function is:

RegisterPageLocation(file_name, frame_name, visible[, path]);



String identifying the file name of the display page being assigned to a frame


String identifying the complete path, from the top of the application, to the frame into which the display page loads


String that specifies whether the display page is visible, if the string value is TRUE, or invisible, if the string value is FALSE, when it first loads into the frame


Optional string identifying the complete path to the display page file name

Sample usage:

"ISS.GetPagesetDisplayArea() + .ui_disp"

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